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Excerpts from the press




“ … Known as the  “Angel of the Piano” in the Peruvian press, the pianist Carlos Hernán González is progressively establishing himself as a composer and performer of modern classical music. Possessing an impeccable technique, a brilliant imagination and great sensitivity, he delivers his music with contrasts of different styles…”


Latinoamérica al día, March 2008, Paris




“ Listening to the four tracks included here: Marina Tremolo, They Are Crashing, Prozac à l'intérieur and Ci ritroveremo nel cuore, executed brilliantly on piano by this young Peruvian artist, one can only feel proud because New Classical Music lives in a way that the great masters of piano of the last centuries would have appreciated. Carlos Hernán González, as a performer of this organic instrument gives a touch of freshness and great talent to each and every sonic gem. The melodies take us into a world of perfect beauty and bliss. In times of chaos around the planet, this kind of music offers calm and peace with A1 class. XXIst century classical music is in very good hands!”     


Hélène Ramos, Peruvian journalist, DJ and music critic, 2004, Lima




“ … For years the young musician and composer Carlos Hernán González has been shaping a promising future and refining his mastery of the piano. With four recitals in his career and the release of his first single “Marina Tremolo” we can affirm that Carlos Hernán, 28, has become an important exponent of XXIst century classical music… ”


El Comercio (The Commerce), June 1st, 2005, Lima




“  Music and art provide an eternal path to people’s hearts the world over. Maybe this is why the piano recital given by the young composer-pianist Carlos Hernán González is called Ci ritroveremo nel cuore , that in Spanish means Nos encontraremos en el corazón (and hence, in English : We will meet in our hearts)… ”


Expreso (Express) June 1st, 2005, Lima




“ Carlos Hernán González is a young Peruvian pianist who will soon travel to Paris to pursue his musical studies. He will offer a recital in the Centro Cultural de la Católica (Cultural Centre of the Catholic University) in which he will perform a repertoire consisting of his own compositions… ”


Q (Magazine of the Peruvian Catholic University), May 30th-June 5th 2005, Lima




“ Carlos Hernán González is a young Peruvian pianist and composer looking to make his way, little by little, in the difficult world of music. After having worked in the public relations department of the multinational Sony Music in the USA (where he had the chance to work with artists such as Shakira), this native of Lima decided to stop postponing the realisation of his dreams…"


La República (The Republic), Novermber 4th 2004, Lima


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