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"Entre rêve et impressionnisme"
"This is a dream"
"Summer is here"
Tales of the sea
"Chansons d'automne"
"Daydream Pop"
Guest Artist at Erica Sommer's show
Chansons d'automne
Continuity of parks
Tall wild grass...
The Jungle Game
Sweet spring songs
Erica-Sommer Live at the Cabaret
Windows to see through...
Beautiful gardens at night
Said your name in an empty room
Chant, piano...
Pérou sur Seine
Concert in July compositions, ses chansons
...joue ses compositions pour piano
Like an army of mini-moons
Fête de la musique 2008
Musique pour le piano 3
Paris Love Pop
Ci ritroveremo nel cuore
Ci ritroveremo nel cuore
Ci ritroveremo nel cuore
Música para piano II
Música para piano
Live: Hobo Noise's "The Jungle Game"
Télé: "A mi manera"
Radio: "Gata Show" avec Yrene Rojas
"Versailles" w/Erica-Sommer
Backstage in Miami Beach Gig
Rehearsals w/Erica-Sommer
"Sourire ensemble pour l'humanité"
"Chansons d'automne"
Backstage "Chansons d'automne"
Hobo Noise's "The Jungle Game"
"Versailles"w/Clémence de Kersauzon
goat lac blanc.jpg
Backstage "Daydream Pop"
Jolie scène at Espace Ch Peugeot
Perf.for Faites Entrer les Musiciens
Guest appearance by Hobo Noise
Guest appearance by Liliane Davis
Performing at the Buzz
Improvised studio at home
Backstage "Tales of the sea"
Getting inspired in Biarritz
Concert with the Catsons
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