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Comments from listeners




Ambiànce de rêve chez Vincent !!!!Merci pour ton accueil très chaleureux !!!
Quand tous les Amis de Carlito ont chante avec lui Versailles cela fut un moment très intime et très émouvant ....merci encore Erica pour le joli texte que tu as offert à Carlito!!!!
Poupouche continue comme cela car tu as une jolie plume et votre duo était très sympa !!!!
Diane très sympa aussi ta contribution avec Carlito!!!
Carlito a quand une chanson en Italien!!!!!



« Oh my goodness. I loved loved his music. I totally was daydreaming listening to Carlos. »
Jane Garrett-Mackenzie



« Carlos tu parviens réellement à transporter ton auditoire avec ta musique envoutante et capiteuse ; il en ressort une sensation de légèreté , tu maitrises aussi bien les longues ballades mélancoliques que les morceaux pleins de joie et d'allégresse ; chaque note que tu joues réveille inévitablement quelquechose en chacun de nous. Bravo »
Annis Nafir, journaliste de musique



« Que cette soirée du 1er octobre était magique. Notamment quand Carlito a effleuré les touches de son piano pour nous interpréter Versailles avec les superbes paroles crées par Erica Sommer. Nous étions vraiment à Versailles dans ce magnifique endroit qu'est l'Atelier Z. Merci encore Carlito !!! »
Claudia de Bony




« Speachless! what a beautiful concert! Your music, the special way you play the piano that touches hearts!!!! your voice....everything is awesome! »
Elsa Sotomayor



« So Beaufiful... I am so proud of you and I am honored to have written lyrics on one of your magical songs. Wish I was closer... Xoxo »
Erica-Sommer , singer-songwriter



« Wow Carlos. This is such a treat! Your an amazing musician. Mozart meets John Legend. Carlos, it was simply beautiful. »
Leah Smithson, painter




« Hier soir, Carlos Hernan Gonzalez a fait un concert magnifique, la prochaine fois, il faut que tu viennes, Claude-Alain même avec Larrio et Nicole Croisille, il a gravi des marches vers le pays des "Divos" ! »
Diane Thierry-Mieg, top model & Drax /James Bond Girl



« Dear Elsa, Carlos performed a wonderful concert. We enjoyed a lot his new program. You can be proud of your son. Kisses. »
Claudine Maffiolo, ancienne sécretaire at Yamaha



« Je suis allé écouter Carlos hier soir. Cela m’a beaucoup plu : excellent pianiste, excellent chanteur, ce qui est rare. A suivre... »
Benoît Drussard



« Hola carlos, estoy acá pasando a visitar tu web me encantas, sigue haciendo es buena música, muchas bendiciones, :) »
Keila Elizabeth



« I love your music! »
Elsa Sotomayor



“Your music is beautiful and most important of all is that you compose it and perform it yourself. Congratulations, it is very different, very unique! (Translated from Spanish)

Juvenal González León de Peralta



“I love it!”

Elsita1963 (Youtube)



“Wow!!!!! So beautiful! Awesome!”

Elsita1963 (Youtube)



“Thanks Carlos, it’s very beautiful! I will show it to the person interested in it!”

Marie Rivère, actress, Paris



“What a wonderful mix of piano and electronic arrangements! I love it!”

Elsita1963 (Youtube)



“ Congratulations for such beautiful music. I think that all of its components flow naturally (theme, variations, search of aesthetics etc…) I love short pieces and the concept of expressing oneself briefly. Keep it up !!!! ” (Translated from Spanish)

Tulio Zandomenego, 38 , composer, New York City



“Hey Carlos... Myself and Timo watched some of your videos and your piano playing is pure genius (pulls at the heart strings!) … You are a shooting star!”

Katie Wade (Facebook)



“ I like your music very much. Certain pieces are sweetly melancholic.

Others are energetic. There’s variety. What I think is good is that it’s never too romantic. The risk of this type of composition is that it may become ‘gnan-gnan’ (i.e André Rieu.) I find that you avoid this by using well-dosed dissonances. ”  (Translated from French)

Olivier Roberto, 37, engineer, Paris



“Your latest video is wonderful! Your singing, your way of holding the mic and your grand smile towards the camera, they are great! Bravo!!!”

Btwcello (Youtube)



“It’s very very nice, so touching, there’s a lot of emotion in this piece, what a talent!”

Btwcello (Youtube)



“Nice one Amigo, very lyrical ;)”

MSMWMusic (Youtube)



“Wow you impressed me again with this modern and beautiful song!!!!”

Elsita1963 (Youtube)



“It’s beautiful, captivating, makes one travel in time”

Btwcello (Youtube)




“ I love what you play!!! In order to play the piano one needs a special kind of sensitivity that you have, and also a noble soul. Thank you very much. You have everything!!! ” (Translated from French)

Megabloc 33 (Youtube)



“When I listen to you play the piano it’s incredibly beautiful. There is a lot of emotion and sensitivity. Thanks very much!! ” (Translated from French)

Megabloc 33 (Youtube)



“ Your music is amazing THX FOR THE ADD”

Fabryalexysangel (Youtube)



“As usual Carlos u amaze me with your compositions!!”

Crissyxoxo23 (Youtube)



“ I love your music ! Sounds like angels !”

Elsita1963 (Youtube)



“ I love it. You are a genius” (Translated from Spanish)

Artemoka (Youtube)



“ How poetic… Play it again !”  (Translated from Spanish)

Paoherr (Youtube)



“ Every time that I visit your page I am sincerely touched by the beauty of your compositions. I’m looking forward to playing together. ” (Translated from French)

Moribones (MySpace)



“ Hello Carlos ! You’re very talented. Look forward to coming to one of your gigs !! ”

Philippe Rozenmann, 26, musician, Paris (MySpace)



“ Greetings !!!  “She Always…” is a great song… ” (Translated from Spanish)

Rodrigo Raez, 35, musician, Lima (MySpace)



“ Hey pal, you have a lot of sensitivity… Keep going… I like what you do… Cheers ” (Translated from Spanish)

Bruno Bellatin, 25, musician (MySpace)



“ Hey Carlos ! I like your music very much. It would be cool to play together soon ! See yaa ” (Translated from French)

Victor Rosan, 33, musician, Paris (MySpace)



“Beautiful as always my friend!”

Erica Sommer, singer-songwriter (Youtube)



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